Helping people to understand and reconnect with themselves

"Often the test of courage is not to die but to live"

The SharingPoint model for recovery / discovery is unique in that it has been building for over two decades and takes elements of multiple treatment models, psychotherapeutic and counselling techniques together with other recovery approaches and practices.

SharingPoint supports clients in the achievement of real long-term lasting results.

At its heart it simply asserts that addiction and our true selves run counter to each other.  SharingPoint treat addiction purely as a symptom.  This root cause of the symptom is believed to be an internal disconnection from the self, fundamentally at an emotional level.   Our model is centred around helping people to understand and reconnect with themselves.

The uniqueness of SharingPoint’s model for recovery / discovery centres around four key principles;

  1. We have no control over anything outside of ourselves.  We must accept this vulnerability and learn to respond to life’s challenges in a healthy manner.
  2. There are different elements to who we are with very different characteristics.  If we manage ourselves as ‘one’ we will get lost and most likely be dominated by our most controlling element i.e. our minds.  Our minds naturally search externally for answers and are incessant, oftentimes negative and false in the information they provide us with.  Our ultimate happiness depends on where we apply our consciousness within ourselves.
  3. The root of our greatest disconnect happens at an emotional level (our biggest blindspot) within ourselves.  The more we operate from our minds, the less we operate from our hearts.  The more we avoid the painful emotions the more we shut off the positive ones.  Emotional wellbeing is critical to healthy living but requires consciousness, trust and openness in order to understand and grow.
  4. Addiction and dysfunctional behaviours do not exist when we operate from our highest selves but thrive when we operate from our lowest.

Clients are slowly led to achieve an understanding, appreciation and experience of how they can achieve mental well-being through various practices and strategies and onwards from this to achieving the same at an emotional level.  SharingPoint’s programme is centered on what is happening for clients today, the past is used more to understand but never to blame.

Over time as clients grow to understand, value and appreciate themselves, they gain freedom from a need to rely on chemical substances and or dysfunctional behaviours and learn to:


  • Who I am and how I function from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective
  • That my past doesn’t need to define who I am and what I do and gain strategies to live in the present
  • What it means to act out of love rather than react out of fear
  • The need to embrace vulnerability and the importance of continuing to connect with others
  • There are strategies I can adopt to help me cope better now with life’s challenges


  • That I am responsible for loving, caring, honouring and respecting myself
  • Me for who I am, including all parts even the ones that I like less and to be comfortable in my own skin
  • The need for others in my life and to be honest and open with them
  • That this is a continuous journey of self understanding, awareness and appreciation


  • To experience life to the full for who I am
  • To be true to who I am
  • To understand and face my fears
  • To continuously grow and develop

What to Expect From SharingPoint

Clients of SharingPoint can continuously expect to receive:














from people who have themselves suffered in the past from the effects of addiction, either directly or indirectly.

Expectations of Clients

To be accepted into one of our Recovery Groups, we require clients to undertake a number of firm commitments;