"Often the test of courage is not to die but to live"



To be accepted into our recovery groups, we require prospective clients to undertake a number of firm commitments, as set out below.


To honestly identify self-destructive behaviours and to have an earnest commitment to move away from them (for example, taking drugs, consuming alcohol, binge eating and purging, stealing etc.).


To undertake a journey of self-understanding, acceptance and appreciation.


To build positive relationships with other group members both in and out of group meetings. (We do however strongly advise against getting into any new personal relationships in any SharingPoint Group whilst in group).


To make every effort to make group meetings as safe as possible for everyone concerned.




To attend group meetings every week. Punctual, weekly attendance at group meetings is mandatory.

There is a weekly charge for group attendance. However no client has ever been refused access to a weekly group meeting on the basis that she or he could not afford to pay. If you have difficulty in paying for a group meeting, you can discuss this, in confidence, with your facilitator.

Clients are required to complete a weekly self-inventory sheet before all group meetings. These sheets can play a significant role in the group session; however, they are destroyed immediately after the meeting.

Our goal for our clients is that, after attending group counselling sessions, they will achieve understanding and acceptance of themselves and thus find a path to a new and better life:



  • Who I am and how I function from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective
  • That my past doesn’t need to define who I am and what I do
  • What it means to act out of love rather than react out of fear
  • The need to embrace vulnerability
  • The importance of continuing to connect with others
  • That there are strategies I can adopt to cope better now with life’s challenges than in the past


  • That I am responsible for loving, caring, honouring and respecting myself
  • Myself for who I am, including all parts - even the ones that I like less - and to be comfortable in my own skin
  • The need for others in my life, and to be honest and open with them
  • That I am on a continuous journey of self-understanding, awareness and appreciation


  • To experience life to the full for who I am
  • To be true to who I really am
  • To understand and face my fears
  • To continuously grow and develop

What You Gain


Clients who have completed our programme say that they have gained:

A much deeper understanding and appreciation of who they are

Trust in themselves and others

Belief in themselves

A sense of belonging

Freedom from the crippling effects of the past

The capacity and the tools to form healthy relationships

An appreciation of the simple things in life

The courage to make new life choices

The ability to ‘live in the now’

Hope for the future

Clients can always expect to receive:

Professionalism, Understanding, Empathy, Direction, Safety, Challenge, Compassion, Support, Time, Connection, Care, Encouragement, and Acceptance from people who have themselves suffered in the past from the effects of addiction, either directly or indirectly.

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