Group Facilitation & Individual Counselling

"We exist to benefit the community through the provision of services in connection with addiction recovery and its effects. We provide support to adults who are affected by addiction, directly or indirectly, to recover from its damaging results in their lives."

SharingPoint is a registered charity (CHY 15156 Ireland) established initially in 2002 to support those with addictions to alcohol, drugs or compulsive gambling.

Over time through experience it has evolved to support anyone affected indirectly (e.g. family members, either now or in the past) or directly by dependency and or persistent self-destructive behaviours.

Our services are available to all adults who:

  • are committed to moving away from persistent self-destructive behaviours
  • undertake a slow journey of inward understanding and acceptance

SharingPoint is led by a full-time CEO with extensive expertise in counselling / group facilitation (over 30 years). Our staff are predominantly ex clients who continue in various ways on their own journeys of growth and development. They have a range of experiences, educational qualifications and accreditations. They are all committed to stringent ongoing self-development, clinical supervision and adherence to a range of ethics, policies and controls in line with best practice for counselling and group facilitation.

SharingPoint is governed by an independent Board of Non-Executive Directors. We pride ourselves on our robust governance structure and are fully compliant with Governance Code for community and charitable organisations in Ireland. We also conform to the National Fundraising Principles.

Our Philosophy

SharingPoint views addiction / dependency as a symptom of pain regardless of what form the addiction or dependency takes e.g. alcohol, drugs (legal or illegal), sex, gambling etc. The development of an addiction or dependency does not indicate that there is anything intrinsically wrong with the person caught up in it. The root cause stems from a loss of personal identity and a deep sense of disconnection from one’s self and consequently others. This pain and disconnection can be equally experienced by any significant other person in their lives, now or in the past.

SharingPoint argues that living true to ourselves is incompatible with addiction / dependency and therefore recovery from them is possible by undertaking a journey of self- awareness and inner growth.

This journey focuses on the four areas of health:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

There is an emphasis on developing personal understanding and living according to our true selves, the necessity to open up, trust and be vulnerable to others, whilst learning to live in the present.

Our Services

SharingPoint supports clients in the achievement of real and long-lasting results. The core service offering since SharingPoint was established is our weekly group meetings led by two of our experienced group facilitators.  The length of time a client attends will depend on a continuous assessment of their pace of recovery and their specific needs.

We also offer a 1:1 counselling service as a small number of clients prefer this recovery approach delivered through accredited professional counsellors.

We charge a nominal fee for attendance at a group meetings or 1:1 sessions. We are proud to say that SharingPoint is founded on the principle of never turning away a client, who is committed to their growth and development, because of an inability to pay.

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