"We offer clients a structured processes to begin and continue on their way towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being".

What does SharingPoint offer?

Our primary service offering consists of our weekly professionally facilitated group counseling meetings. Each group typically has around eight participating clients, a mix of people directly or indirectly affected by addiction, and lasts between two and two and a half hours. Groups are professionally facilitated by people experienced in addiction through their own recoveries, who undertake ongoing training and personal development, and complete a third level qualification in addiction studies. If required, we offer further recovery and support services depending on each client’s specific needs.

Does SharingPoint follow a 12-step programme?

No. But it does understand and appreciate the importance the fellowship meetings can be to people.

What is the difference between SharingPoint’s group counselling meetings and 12-step programme meetings?

Each is based on a different understanding and approach to addiction. SharingPoint groups are professionally facilitated. Unlike the 12-step programme meetings, clients may not walk in/walk out on a weekly basis. All SharingPoint clients are assessed prior to joining a group, to determine if our service offering is right for them and to assess their readiness for our group process.

What is SharingPoint’s understanding and approach to addiction recovery?

Our belief is that addiction is an ongoing, destructive and compulsive pursuit or relationship with a mood-altering substance or behaviour. Through group counseling, we help those affected by addiction to gain a better insight into themselves, and to move away from a negative view to a positive and compassionate view of themselves. This is done by supporting them through a journey of discovery, which centres on building awareness and understanding around their own mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects. This leads them to value, appreciate and take better care of themselves and others. Recovery to those attending SharingPoint means having the courage to be their true selves, and to experience life to the full in the present moment.

What training and expertise do SharingPoint facilitators have?

Our approach to date is to train suitable former clients to become the facilitators of our recovery groups. This practice ensures that all our facilitators have extensive experience in addiction recovery and fully understand how we work with our clients. The lead facilitator in each group is a fully accredited member of a recognised accrediting body for counsellors in Ireland and must maintain this accreditation whilst working for SharingPoint. Our other facilitators have a variety of training, education and experience in the field of addiction recovery and are bound by stringent requirements as set out on page 13 of this booklet.

How do I go about joining SharingPoint?

See 'Contact' tab above.

Do I have to pay to attend SharingPoint?

SharingPoint is a charitable, not-for-profit organisation, so ensuring that our service is accessible to as many people as possible is important to us. While there is a weekly charge for group attendance, no client has ever been refused access to a weekly group meeting on the basis that she or he could not afford to pay.

Where does this money go?

Client contributions go directly to SharingPoint. The cost of providing our group counselling service far exceeds client contributions.

Is SharingPoint connected to any religious organisation?


Is SharingPoint connected to any other treatment centre?


How many people do SharingPoint have in groups?

Group sizes vary, but typically there are about eight clients, with a maximum of ten per group.

Are SharingPoint groups solely for people directly affected by addiction?

No. All our groups are a mix of people recovering from addiction, and people who are not addicted themselves but have been indirectly affected by the addiction of a significant person in their lives e.g. partner, parent, child etc. There is no time limit for those indirectly affected by addiction i.e. they may be affected by the current addiction of another person, or they may be still affected by the addiction of another person up to 50 years ago.

Are there males and females in SharingPoint groups?

Yes. We typically have an even mix between male and female clients.

What if I knew someone in a SharingPoint group?

Our priority is always to existing clients in a group. If a prospective newcomer is known to an existing client, this situation will be reviewed between the group facilitator and the client. If deemed appropriate the new client may be transferred to an alternative group.

Can couples join?

Yes. However, they must attend separate groups.

Is there any age requirement?

Yes. Our clients must be at least 18 years old.

How long do people stay in group?

It can vary depending on each client’s particular needs, but typically averages around three years. All final decisions with regard to provision of counseling services will be made by SharingPoint.

What is SharingPoint’s approach to confidentiality?

Confidentiality is a central and integral part of SharingPoint. We are committed to ensuring that all client information is managed in line with accepted good practice and relevant legislation. Confidentiality is between the individual client and SharingPoint, rather than between the client and any particular member of staff alone. Case-specific information will be shared with the staff team as relevant and necessary. The SharingPoint confidentiality policy document also outlines circumstances where confidentiality may be extended.

Where can I find SharingPoint’s policies?

SharingPoint has an extensive list of policies that are available on request. We would urge you to read all of our policies. The list is extensive and while all are necessary, some of them are of more ongoing importance than others, such as the policy regarding confidentiality. Please feel free to discuss any aspects of our policies with your facilitator. Accessing SharingPoint’s services by an individual implies acceptance of SharingPoint policies and conditions.

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