"No one has ever become poor by giving."
Anne Frank

SharingPoint raises money from a number of different sources to fund its services: Public Donations to SharingPoint are however only ever used to:

  1. Support clients who cannot afford to fully pay for its service – SharingPoint never refuses a client who cannot pay.
  2. Train and develop new facilitators – SharingPoint trains suitable former clients to become facilitators of its service.
  3. 100% of all donations go directly to SharingPoint.

How to Donate

To enable SharingPoint to develop and grow, we are asking for your generous support by way of a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly Bank Standing Order. To set up a Standing Order please click the link below to see the options available.

To download our standing order guide, please click here.

To download a standing order form, please click here.

If you donate €250 or more in any one tax year (€21 or more per month) SharingPoint can reclaim tax at 31% on your donation, at no additional cost to you. All contributions will be treated confidentially. We genuinely appreciate your support.

We welcome your feedback on our performance via any of the contact points provided below and please See our Feedback and Complaints Procedure

*While there is a weekly charge for group counseling, no client has ever been refused access to a weekly group meeting on the basis that she or he could not afford to pay.

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