Camino de Santiago Walk 2022

As SharingPoint does not receive ongoing government funding, we rely on fundraising and donations to allow to offer our services. One of our annual fundraising events is a trip on the Camino de Santiago.

This year 15 energic supporters completed the last leg of the French Way – 115km from Sarria to Santiago.

Here are some comments from some of those who completed the trip…The French Camino was an exceptionally amazing experience!! I walked along the way and shared stories with different people, exchanged a few conversations with complete strangers and also walked on my own taking time to reflect on my personal life journey. It was so well organised so I could relax and be present what helped to experience a deeper connection within myself, with other people and stunning surroundings. The Way of St. James is like a mini version of Life as we all are those pilgrims searching for more and walking the Way…

My experience of the Sharing Point Camino was a very positive one. It was a shared experience with a group of lovely people, some I already knew and others I met for the first time, but who all got along. I enjoyed time walking on my own and reflecting on challenges I had going on in my life but equally enjoyed the laughs and fun moments we had when walking in a group. I found myself very emotional on our arrival into Santiago both because I had achieved my personal challenge to complete this section of the Camino and also because I appreciated the love and support that I had felt from the group and had enjoyed the friendships that had been formed by us all sharing this lovely experience.

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